Podcast Instructions

Lecture content is presented through audio podcasts.  These podcast episodes are a critical component of the course: skipping them is like skipping class!  Don’t worry if you have never encountered a podcast before.  It’s easy if you just follow these directions.

There is one outline and one transcript document for each chapter. These can be found under Modules on Canvas.

Podcast episodes are in MP3 format. Here are two basic ways to listen.

  1. Listen online. Download the free QuickTime Player, then click the episode title on the podcast homepage. A new window will open where you can click play and listen. This is a good choice if you are currently unfamiliar with iTunes.
  2. Use iTunes (free download). In iTunes, select File, then select Subscribe to Podcast. Next, paste this URL into the space provided: http://www.amyhimsel.com/podcast-episodes/rss.xml . The podcast title will now appear in iTunes, but you have to click feed to see all episodes. Please note that I am modifying the podcast during the Spring 2017 semester, so episodes will appear on the feed as they become available. We start with the Ch. 1 episodes available (episodes 1-3).

Download the available episodes all at once, or one at a time - whatever works best for you. Now you are ready to either listen on your computer offline, or transfer the episodes to your device like any other audio file.