Service Learning Links

In the Behavioral and Social Sciences Division, students have participated in many service learning activities. We have created a List of Sites Evaluated Positively by ECC Students, and you should use this list as one source of potential sites for you. (Please note that contact information, names, and job descriptions may have changed, so it's your responsibility to confirm the details on the list. 

Want to explore other options? You are not limited to the sites on this handout. Visit or for more possibilities.
When exploring possible sites, carefully consider the following:
  • Distance from ECC if you do not have your own car
  • Times available for your volunteer hours
  • Your interests, major(s), and career paths. You might as well spend your SL time doing things related to your career interests and making meaningful connections with others in the field.
  • Whether you would like to work on a team with other students (encouraged!)
Fill out the Site Research Worksheet and Service Learning Contract. If you are working in a team, designate a leader. If you are under 18, ask your guardian to read and sign the Service Learning Release Form
Once you have completed the Site Research Worksheet and Service learning Contract, promptly turn them in. 
Contact site and schedule service hours.